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Many thanks for the congratulations about the award! It was a lovely ceremony among lovely people (we Virginia classicists are ever so egalitarian between high school and college teachers), and my kids mostly behaved until my bit was done. I got a really shiny plaque (which will go up in my office as soon as I finish cleaning my office), and a check big enough to start shopping for a leather, long-lasting version of the giant briefcase bag I carry.

If you're coming for reunion in L'burg, I'd love to see you, but my only chance will be May 29, since kid #1 and I are leaving for Italy on May 30. (tee hee) Let me know if we should try to make plans.

Seven Greek exams to grade, and I'm done with the semester. Then it's just endless Greek Play prep.

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It's been nearly a year and a half since I posted here (as some of you know, Facebook seems to work for me), but this news seems to be of interest to those of you who introduced me to LJ in the first place, especially alilizbeth, who helped make it happen:

I am the 2008 Lurlene W. Todd Award winner, which means that I am the Virginia Classics Teacher of the Year according to the Classical Association of Virginia. !!!

(Last year's winner was from Tech: http://www.cavclassics.org/awards)

So I'm heading to W&M this weekend. And what a fabulous way to end a really hard year (two) and a half.

hee hee.

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Since I was working yesterday on a new knitting pattern for a friend, and I have one or two others written, I'm thinking of using the web to "publish" them. And put a couple pictures up. I'll probably put them at mac.com with links from here.

Back to my list for Monday. I know, it's Wednesday. Sheesh.

Happy Season, everyone. And חג סמח to my Chanukah-celebrating Hebrew readers.

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but don't get your hopes up that I'm going to post lots and lots. I can't quite get my head around this public journal thing. Maybe for what the kids are up to bit . . .

ECS and SMC, how *did* you notice me? I'm just really curious how this thing works.

Gotta pull some slides for the beginning of the Roman part of myth class. Counting down to sabbatical . . .

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the porch is clean, but that somehow doesn't seem like enough of an accomplishment for one day. But now the kids can play without wading through nails and sawdust!

Not much to do here but follow friends' thinking:

My Unitarian Jihad Name is: Sister Howitzer of Enlightenment.

Get yours.

must eat and write tests

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okay, now I'm really going to go to bed. I wonder how long it will take my friends to notice I'm here.

I'm going to tempt the weather gods and pack the winter coats away. I have to now: they're on the bed. And I must go to bed.

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I'm up late, and by rights I should be working on Leo's birthday present (a knitted toy Gromit). Instead, having checked into my friends lj entries (I was especially thinking of the twins, having just come back from a dessert party with the Iveys), I finally decided to sign up myself. The deciding moment was when I figured out my username. Do you like it?

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